Tina is a problem solver, creative thinker, and trusted partner.


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Deeply curious, engaged, and analytical, Tina efficiently synthesizes information and viewpoints, distilling complex issues down to their key drivers.  

Tina has sharp instincts for commercial opportunities, honed through her experience in strategy at Victoria’s Secret and in equity research analyzing public retailers. From exploring international expansion opportunities for a major retailer to crafting marketing strategy for a consumer start-up, she is an independent thinker who loves digging into hard problems.  

As a partner and advisor, Tina is open-minded, inclusive, trustworthy, and enthusiastic.  Extremely hands-on in her work, she listens intensely and celebrates collaboration.  

Tina believes in the powerful combination of knowledge and goodness, and is inspired by bringing out the best in others and connecting fantastic people.  A go-to resource for both established leaders and early founders, Tina also mentors young women in business and advises Harvard Business School entrepreneurs.

Tina’s values-driven approach ensures that the drive for excellence also incorporates compassion and empathy.  She is deeply committed to serving her community as well as education, social justice, and human rights related organizations, and allocates a meaningful portion of her time to strategy, branding, leadership, and development projects in the non-profit sector.  

Tina lives in San Francisco with her family.

I am endlessly fascinated by consumer behavior, and love working with young companies that are disrupting legacy business models and tackling under-served markets – or creating altogether new ones.
— Tina Bou-Saba

Tina is laser-focused on the business of consumer.


Tina’s passion for the consumer was sparked early in life, when as a young girl in New Jersey she spent countless weekends at the mall (after all homework was completed, of course!).  She had a unique opportunity to put those skills to good use early in her career at a retail-focused hedge fund, for which she visited hundreds of stores as part of her research process, and presented stock and sector analysis on financial TV.

After graduating from Harvard Business School as a Baker Scholar, Tina joined Limited Brands, where she combined her love for research and analysis with her strong instincts around consumer behavior and commercial opportunities.  Working closely with Victoria’s Secret leadership, she performed extensive quantitative and qualitative customer research, crafted strategies for intimate apparel, beauty, and new categories, and developed a consolidated VS brand growth plan across the stores, direct, beauty, and Pink business units.

Tina later returned to the public markets as a member of the retail equity research team at Sanford Bernstein.  She led a nearly yearlong research initiative on the discount retail sector, culminating in the launch of coverage of Wal-Mart, Target, and Costco.

Today, Tina focuses on early-stage consumer companies as an advisor and investor, applying the same combination of analytical rigor, intellectual curiosity, pattern recognition, and customer insights that she has honed over her career.  Her experience with leading specialty and mass retailers affords her a unique perspective on critical strategic issues including commercialization, scale, brand building, and customer experience early in a company’s life cycle.


Education + Early Career

  • Phillips Exeter Academy

  • Harvard College: Magna Cum Laude

  • Harvard Business School: Baker Scholar, Leader of the Dynamic Women in Business Conference

  • Morgan Stanley: Investment Banking Analyst

  • Berman Capital: Equity Analyst

  • Limited Brands / Victoria’s Secret: Commercialization and Strategy Groups

  • Sanford Bernstein: Retail Equity Research Team

"Non Sibi" (Not For One's Self)

  • Bay Area Discovery Museum: Trustee and Executive Committee member

  • Safe & Sound: Director and Executive Committee member

  • Human Rights Watch: San Francisco Executive Committee member

  • Harvard University: Volunteer Fundraiser

Tina is amazing — a true friend and fantastic partner in our work to create a healthy and safe community. Her leadership, strategy, smarts and empathy have been invaluable to every aspect of our organization, from strategy to governance, from re-branding to building an effective team. Everyone loves working with her; she brings out our best! I just can’t say enough about how great she is!
— Katie Albright, Executive Director of Safe & Sound

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Tina Bou-Saba advises and invests in early-stage consumer companies with a focus on the beauty, specialty apparel and accessories, health and wellness, and consumer tech categories.

After starting her career in investment banking at Morgan Stanley, Tina covered retail as an equity analyst at Sanford Bernstein and Berman Capital, and has broad knowledge of the industry from mass to specialty to e-commerce. As a member of the strategy team at Victoria’s Secret, Tina worked closely with VS leadership to commercialize new business opportunities, and led extensive quantitative and qualitative customer research. She attended Phillips Exeter Academy, Harvard College, and Harvard Business School, where she was a Baker Scholar. Tina is especially passionate about supporting female entrepreneurs and serving her community. She is on the boards of the Bay Area Discovery Museum, Safe & Sound, and Human Rights Watch San Francisco. Tina lives in San Francisco with her family.